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Babington House School Inspection Report
  • Inspection Report

    Inspection Report Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI)

Inspection Report
Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI)

In November 2023, Babington had an ISI Inspection. 

Click here for a full copy of the ISI Inspection Report (November 2023) 

In November 2016, Babington had an Educational Quality and Compliance Inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

We received the highest grade possible in all categories and across every age group which, under the new Inspection Framework, is described as 'Excellent'.   This is very rare indeed.  We could not have done better and such a result from a more robust inspection framework is a remarkable achievement for the school community.   You will find it very positive reading.

Click here for a full copy of the ISI Educational Quality Inspection Report (November 2016) 

Click here for a full copy of the ISI Focused Compliance Inspection Report (November 2016)

Click here for the full copy of the Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report (September 2019)

Click here for a full copy of the ISI Short Visit Report ( February 2020)

Here are some extracts from the report....

Quality of the pupils' academic and other achievements – Excellent

"Pupils throughout the school display excellent attitudes to learning that are evident in all that they do, and an atmosphere of happy endeavour permeates school life."

"Pupils in class apply themselves with thorough enjoyment, are keen to do well and are eager to be challenged."

"Throughout the school, academic attainment is often well in advance of that expected at the relevant levels of age and of stage of development."

"Pupils record considerable success in extra-curricular activities."

"Pupils' high standard of achievements reflects the highly effective tracking and monitoring systems put in place throughout the school to help pupils develop their initiative and independence, and take the lead in their learning."

Quality of the pupils' personal development – Excellent

"Pupils are confident, independent learners and thinkers with high personal values and an awareness of their responsibilities in the outside world, fully reflecting the school's aims.  They contribute fully to the happy, relaxed and close-knit community."

"Pupils' approach is unfailingly polite, friendly, happy and harmonious.  They accept full responsibility for their behaviour, which is exemplary."

"Pupils co-operate and work superbly together as team members. In class, in sport, in clubs and around the school, they demonstrate thoughtfulness and respect."

"Pupils prepare themselves well for their futures, and the school provides full pastoral and academic support which helps pupils to fulfil their dreams and potential."