We are extremely proud of our academic success and reputation, and we celebrate all our students’ personal achievements. Whilst A*s or Grade 9’s are wonderful, we believe the true value of a Babington education is found in those individuals who achieve a grade (or two) higher than they ever thought possible, or in a pupil who didn’t believe they could, who now knows they can.

GCSE Results

Year9 to 79 to 59 to 4
202339%80% 92% 
202268%97% 100% 
202168%97% 100% 
201957%89% 96% 

A Level Results

YearA*-A  A*-B A*-C A*-D
202352% 70%87%100%
202238% 70%90%98%
202179% 92%98%98%
201927% 53%87%93%