The Sixth Form is an important part of our school where each individual is offered the opportunity to embrace all that the school offers, whilst also finding their own sense of independence through new opportunities to lead, innovate and contribute. 

In the Sixth Form, students work closely with specialist teachers to focus in greater depth on the subjects they’re passionate about. In combination with leadership and influence in all aspects of school life, our Sixth Formers leave Babington House confidently prepared for life and further study. 

All Sixth Form pupils, whether new to the school or moving into the Sixth Form from our current senior school, will quickly feel part of our bespoke, distinct and warm community.

Pupils are prepared during their two years in the Sixth Form to take their place in the wider world; they are guided and supported by the Head of Sixth Form, our Higher Education and Careers department, form tutor and subject teachers. A dedicated UCAS team provides weekly lessons and ongoing support to further prepare students for university admission, including Oxbridge, international universities and applicants for Medicine.

Students receive regular data and written reports from each subject throughout the academic year, giving students and their families invaluable feedback on progression and attainment.