Scholarships are awarded to recognise talent and nurture progress. 

In the Senior School (11+) we offer Academic, Art, Drama, Music and Sport scholarships. Academic Scholarships are assessed purely on performance in the entrance examinations. Art, Drama, Music and Sport are assessed against performance in the entrance examinations as well as a workshop in the chosen subject.

In the Sixth Form (16+) Academic Scholarships are offered in Mathematics and English.

Should you wish to apply for either an 11+ Scholarship or Sixth Form Scholarship, please contact the Admissions Registrar, Victoria Standing  Please note that Sixth Form Scholarship Examinations take place in early December.

Bursaries are limited and normally only given as short term assistance for existing Babington pupils.  They are not available to new parents joining the school. Assistance with fees can be applied for through a means tested Bursary.  Please contact the Bursar for more information.