Today we hosted our first ever careers fair as part of our ongoing support and preparation for the future of our students and to celebrate National Careers Week.

Our main hall was bustling with our senior school and sixth form pupils as they made their way round the many companies each showcasing their products and services and providing an invaluable insight into their sector.  Our career-minded students were encouraged to engage with each company and ask lots of questions about the different job roles available and the qualifications required in order to develop their awareness and inspire their future pathways to become whatever they want to be.

From careers in the police to banking; law to teaching; charity fundraising to a medical profession; there was something for everyone and our students enjoyed finding out more from The Metropolitan Police, NatWest, NHS and Thackray Williams, to name but a few.

Ben, Year 8, aspires to become a Vet, he said, “I’ve really enjoyed today’s Career Fair because there was a variety of jobs to explore along with different university options”.

Abigail, Year 8, said “I found myself interested in things that I didn’t think I would be. I’m still young and want to keep my options open, but I have really enjoyed today and discovering more about what options I can explore”.

The morning was a huge success enjoyed by all of our students, we would like to say a big Babington thank you to all of those that took part. We can’t wait to one day find out which career path they choose to follow and to help them to fulfil their dreams to achieve it.

#NCW2024 #BabingtonCareers