“No man is an island entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main,” John Donne’s famous words reminds us of how we rely on each other and how inter-connected we all are. 

This is especially true in our thriving school where we all work together to ensure the very best outcomes for our young people.  In fact, the idea fits in very neatly with our motto Semper Fidelis, which roughly translates to mean that we should always stick together and work as a team.  Certainly we thrive as a community when we all look out for each other.   Community is one of those over used words, but at Babington it’s something real.   We encourage our own pupils, and those from other schools, to join our thriving community and many start at 11 years old coming into Year 7 or at 16 entering our Sixth Form.  It can be quite daunting starting at Senior School but under the caring and watchful eye of Mr Showell and his excellent pastoral team, this transition is smooth and our students feel supported and confident.  As one of our Sixth Formers recently commented;

 “with our small classes and amazing pastoral support, you soon find your feet and before long you know everyone’s names. I can’t think of a more caring place to be.  The Babington community will help me get the best grades I can and the skills and courage to study Biochemistry at Oxford University.”

I invite you to come along to see yourselves at our next Open Morning or book a private tour with me, I would be delighted to show you round. 

Mr Lello, Headmaster