Today our pupils ditched the Babington blue and replaced it with green to support local charity, CASPA, and participate in Wear Green To Be Seen day, an event in our week of activities and workshops to drive awareness of Autism.

World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Week is observed every year to raise awareness of Autism and how it effects Autistic people and having acceptance of neurodiversity. It is a week long celebration to take the time to celebrate the fact that we are all different with different talents, skills and difficulties which make us unique.

We believe that it is Autism Acceptance Week every week! But to join in the celebrations and raise funds for a local charity our pupils enjoyed participating in the initiative ‘Wear Green To Be Seen’ which involved pledging a small monetary donation to wear green for the day. It’s not too late to join us in supporting Caspa – an award-winning charity based in Bromley, providing support to autistic children and young people, and also to their families – visit our Just Giving page to make a donation – every penny helps!

Our week of activities involved a visit from Caspa who told us more about the work and support that they provide to autistic children and young people, and also to their families. You can find out more about Caspa and the work they do here

#AutismAcceptance Week