Music is one of the best ways for children of different ages to mix together and they form harmonious groups in a range of instrumental ensembles and choirs.

We have an impressive prep school choir and whole school choir.

Pupils are encouraged to develop a wide range of musical skills through performance, composition and to listen to music of all genres including world music. Most importantly, pupils are encouraged to enjoy their musical activities. In the Recital Room the most up-to-date music technology is installed, enabling pupils to develop their writing skills in composition.

A large number of pupils learn a musical instrument or have vocal training. A team of professional musicians (peripatetic staff) offer pupils opportunities in vocal and instrumental training, where success in graded examinations is encouraged.

If you would like your child to sign up to music and/or singing lessons, please contact Mrs S Mean on for an application form. All our music and singing lessons are conducted through individual teachers directly and parents will be invoiced by the tutor. Accompanying the application form will be a parent consent form which will be forwarded to the tutor and will allow direct communication between parent and tutor. Regular updates on your child’s progress can be obtained by contacting the tutor via their email.